Simon Hatchard-Parr

After thirty years working in fields as diverse as publishing, auto-repair and alternative medicine, I rediscovered my enjoyment in painting: something that had been lost to me for many years.


I trained in Fine Art originally at Amersham College in the 1980s and more recently acquired post graduate diplomas in analytical psychology and a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Healing from Middlesex University (2006). I also have professional trainings in various healing therapies and have worked privately as a healer for twenty five years.

Painting, for me, is more than the revelation of light and colour and its expression. It is also more than a way of seeing. When I work I realise my awareness subtly shifts over time while painting a scene and I see something sacred there among the diffuse fields that carry the energies of trees or a field of grasses. It is the energy of living things and of their interior life and being; the same energies that carry my own life and awareness. So painting is certainly a way to share a new language and it sometimes helps elevate the onlooker and shows them a new way of experiencing something that may well be familiar to them. I like to keep that experience unrefined as much as possible so that it stays close to, or as close as it can, to something authentic. Sometimes that process flows easily and I realise I am in ‘the zone’. More often I find I have to rework and rework, making a hundred subtle adjustments and more until something of that sacred thing can be seen there, a small fraction of what I would like to be able to show.



Landline: +44 20 3031 6975 (Mon-Fri)


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